YES People

YES People

  • Jose Antonio Campos e Matos
    • National Directorate of ANJE since January 2017 - President of General Assembly.


    • Partner at STRAIN and CAMACE Civil Engineering.


    • Investment on spinoffs of a technological nature, which were born at UMinho.


    • Professor in Civil Engineering Department at University of Minho.


    • Graduated in Civil Engineering from the University of Porto in 2002.


    • Master degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Porto in 2008.


    • PhD in Civil Engineering from the University of Minho in 2013.


    • Supervised several Master's and Doctoral theses, some of them in the business environment.


    • Holds the position of Vice President of YES - European Association of Young Entrepreneurs, and member of the core group of MENA BAB Young Entrepreneurs, supported by the OECD.


    • Participates in several technical and standardization committees, national and international.


    • Participation in the coordination of international (HORIZONTE 2020 and INTERREG) and national (Portugal 2020) projects, totaling more than 5 million euros in IDI financing.


    • Also appointed to lead a European network in the area of ​​infrastructure management (COST Action TU 1406), which encompasses 55 countries from all over the world, and which recently became a European EuroStruct association which he currently chair.


    • Published more than ten books, twenty chapters in books, more than thirty articles in international magazines, more than hundred articles in national and international conferences and several technical reports.


    • Participated in the organizing and scientific committee of some national and international conferences, notably the organization of EYEC10 (Yes for Europe) and the IABSE2019 conference.


    • Guest speaker and moderator of several national and international initiatives, organized by partner institutions.


Artem Androsov

represnting OPORA, Russia

Janusz Dramski

Vice President
representing Young Entrepreneurs Forum, Poland

Leo Kadieff

representing Nuoret Yrittäjät, Finland

Lois Babarro Alén

representing CEAJE Jóvenes
Empresarios, Spain

Matteo Dell'Acqua

representing Cofindustria, Italy

Mushegh Avetisyan

representing Union of Young Businessmen, Armenia

Valentin Laigre

representing Citizen Entrepreneurs, France

Viktoria Schütz

Vice President
representing Wirtschaftsjunioren, Germany

Past Presidents

Gürkan Yıldırım (2020 President)

Past President

Benjamin Knöfler (2019 President)

Acting Past President

Mikel Beroiz (2018 President)

Past President

Przemyslaw Grzywa (2017 President)

Past President

Luca Donelli (2016 President)

Past President

Dimitris Tsingos (2010/2016)

Past President

Ivan Sempere Massa (2009/2010)

Past President

Martin Ohneberg (2007/2009)

Past President

Murat Sarayli (2004/2007)

Past President

Tjark de Lange (2001/2004)

Past President

Wolfgang Mainz (1999/2001)

Past President

Emma Marcegaglia (1997/1999)

Past President

Didier Livio (1995/1997)

Past President

Veit Schmid Schmidsfelden (1993/1995)

Past President

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