YES People

YES People

  • Gürkan Yıldırım

    President - Young Enterpreneurs Confederation of Europe ‘’ YES ’’

    CEO Aktu Uluslararsı Müşavirlik ve Müteahhitlik A.Ş.
    Founder & CEO Fido Park S.R.L
    Born in 1980 İstanbul, Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Bachelor of Applied Science ( B.A.Sc.)
    Bachelor of Arts In International Finance 2003. Master degree, Business Administration MBA, İstanbul Bilgi University, 2009.
    Started working as shareholder in Geoteknik Etüd Müşavirlik ve Müteahhitlik A.Ş. in 1998, 1998 -2010, Board Member & CFO, responsible from accounting and finance, head of purchase department.
    Established Geoteknik Middle East 2010, position as a Chairman in Beirut, Lebanon between years 2010 - 2014 partnership with Lahoud family.
    Board Member of Geoteknik Azerbaijan 2009-2012
    Board Member of Geoteknik Libya 2009-2011
    Executive CEO Geoteknik Etüd Müşavirlik ve Müteahhitlik A.Ş. 2011-2012.
    Resigned from Geoteknik Group of Companies in 2012.
    Main line of business is in infrastructure as Geotechnical works, boring, piling, soil improvement, geotechnical design, quality control tests and consulting for 14 years.
    Worked in Roads, Subways, Fast Speed Train Lines, Dams, Ports, Airports, Industrial Building, Residencial Projects both as a business owner and consultant
    Main line of business, International tender consulting, business developement, management consulting in Europe especially in Romania,
    Vice President, Treasurer & Romanian Representative of TÜGİAD ( Türkish Young Businessman Assosiation),
    Congress Member of Fenerbahçe Sport Club,
    Chairman of Fenerbahçe 2000, Non Profit Organization 2011-2014.


Artem Androsov

represnting OPORA, Russia

Janusz Dramski

Vice President
representing Young Entrepreneurs Forum, Poland

Jose Antonio Campos e Matos

Executive Vice President
representing ANJE, Portugal

Leo Kadieff

representing Nuoret Yrittäjät, Finland

Lois Babarro Alén

representing CEAJE Jóvenes
Empresarios, Spain

Matteo Dell'Acqua

representing Cofindustria, Italy

Mushegh Avetisyan

representing Union of Young Businessmen, Armenia

Valentin Laigre

representing Citizen Entrepreneurs, France

Viktoria Schütz

Vice President
representing Wirtschaftsjunioren, Germany

Past Presidents

Benjamin Knöfler (2019 President)

Acting Past President

Mikel Beroiz (2018 President)

Past President

Przemyslaw Grzywa (2017 President)

Past President

Luca Donelli (2016 President)

Past President

Dimitris Tsingos (2010/2016)

Past President

Ivan Sempere Massa (2009/2010)

Past President

Martin Ohneberg (2007/2009)

Past President

Murat Sarayli (2004/2007)

Past President

Tjark de Lange (2001/2004)

Past President

Wolfgang Mainz (1999/2001)

Past President

Emma Marcegaglia (1997/1999)

Past President

Didier Livio (1995/1997)

Past President

Veit Schmid Schmidsfelden (1993/1995)

Past President

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